When do you know its time to call it Quits... is it time?

so, I just recently asked a question about my bf getting mad at me for helping my mom... well we made up and I told him that we need to rebuild and re-trust each other. etc... well every year my family and I go on a trip up north to our cabin four-wheeling. I told him about this months and almost every week senses... well its the day before I leave and he is really really upset/ mad that im going.
our conversation--

Him: how long u gonna be there?

me: leave tomorrow afternoon and come back on Monday. I can talk at night before bed and in the morning before everyone gets up and during some parts of the day. I will try and talk as much as possible babe.

him: what the fuck!! REALLY? Fuck it I don't care any more you do WHATEVER you want from now on. how come you didn't fucking tell me sooner?

Me: I told you every week at lest for the past month about this trip and how one day I want you to be the one with me when we go...

him: fuck you did. you don't think I care so I wont. BYE TC HAVE TONS OF FUN!!

and with that he stopped messaging me back and we can't call because he's with his parents...

so... should I just wait out the weekend and see how things go between us or should I just end it and move on in heart break?

hello... back from my trip with my family and some interesting things happened...

1. was in a small four-wheeling accident
2. bf was really sweet & caring about it and was acting all worried
3. our next conversation was him breaking up with me


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  • His words are hateful and you should never speak to someone you care for like that. He is a child at best and a abusive person at worst.

    Also you need to care about yourself enough to know it is never ok for someone to treat/speak to you like that.

    • Go with this guys opinion. Your bf is fucked in the head

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    • I know you say he is not abusive but this behavior is very telling. I have told other female friends before to run from guys they started dating who had not been nearly as hateful and they come back and say how did you know. You see to speak like that shows hate in your heart and it will come out eventually. Also verbal abuse can be just as painful as physical abuse.

      Best of luck to you :)

    • thank You.

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  • So you're with your parents and he is with his too but he is still pissed off about you being with your parents?

    It sounds to me as if he has control issues.

    Although I will say on a side not that your girlfriend or wife's mother is your natural enemy when you're a guy.

    • he thinks im going to cheat on him and or drink while im am there and he does not like that at all.. and he hates my father just because my father hates that he is not Born in the US. and he is also upset that my mother can't come because she is in the Hospital.

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    • I find this helpful and funny at the same time. one I haven't had a drink in 2 years nor do I want one and 2 I want wait till marriage. and 3. its only family so even if I did want to cheat (which I don't) I would have to cheat with a family meber which is just gross.


      thank you for all the advice (this thank you is a thank you to everyone who has commented and opinion

    • family member** not meber

  • Is he pregnant? This sounds like a mood swing.


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  • Move on, he is TOO childish to even communicate properly

    • alright so I did not mean to down vote that. I meant to hit comment and thank you for your opinion.

    • no problem

  • Ended. He's so immature and insecure. Don't try fixing him. He's just so full of drama and bs. Find someone that is considerate, respectful, and caring of you.

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