Can I get out of the friendzone?

So there is this frat guy that I like & he is the sweetest guy I have ever met. He has manners and is always so nice to me, never dispresctful. I am always the girl that gets brozoned or friendzoned because I care about who the guys are into, esp. if they are my good friends. I make sure they are with a quality girl. Well with this guy, he has said he is comfortable with me but he's never really done anything way outward with flirting. He is openly into blonds, discusses that stuff with me, the number of girls he has slept with.. etc, but he always wants to hang out and always includes me in plans if I have nothing else to do. I have fallen for him, and I want to try and make a move but I don't want to chance the friendship. I'm in a sorority and he said he would only date a greek girl but he is currently sort of talking to a blond who is a non greek. He is taking her to the lake this weekend and is already counting on getting friendzoned by her for the 3rd time... I just don't know what to do anymore. I like him so much and we really do click.


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  • Probably has no idea how muh you mean to him. Doesn't mean attraction just yet, cause we guys are visual. So he needs to know how much you mean to him and then see you in a different light appearance wise. Then you can start. Alternatively, you can talk about other guys with him.

    • I'm not sure how to get him to realize the amount that I mean to him. He is not annoyed by me at the slightest, and I am always over at the house. I'm just not sure how to get him to look at me in a different way. I'm the tshirt and shorts kind of girl, all the time and I just don't want to ruin it with him & Sylvia. I give him advice about her and and different girls and ask him how things are going. He's into her, but I don't want to interfere.

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    • I definitely like him, would love to date him. I mean he said he thinks I'm cute but looks at me like one of the guys in a joking way. But yeah i see his flaws and can name some even, but he's definitely someone I could see myself with. I may sound stupid, but I know we connect in a way that he doesn't with other people. I've watched it in action. But I don't know if there's some way I can try without jeopardizing our friendship or whatever the hell it is. Do guys like us to come out front with or lay it all on the table? By the way thanks so much for giving feedback. I probably sound stupid, but I don't waste my time on someone unless they're worth it.

    • You sound like you'd make someone a great girlfriend and partner one day, because you care so deeply. I'm
      not sure how it works for girls but for guys one of the key key criteria is physical attraction. So even if we click really well, if there isn't physical attraction it won't work. But if we do find you attractive, then even if you are in the friendzone, coming out and telling us will be okay. The questions you have to decide for yourself are 1) do you feel that there is both a physical attraction on top of the an emotional, intellectual and spiritual one, 2) if you say and it doesn't work out do you have the courage to walk away and do what is good for yourself (enjoy other men who you might form a connection with and who will like you), 3) is he worthy of you (it's not just about him saying yes, you must pick him and he must be worthy of you).

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  • I can't tell if he also likes you. I guess he kinda does. If he is going out with another girl, forget about him.