Girls, how much would you hate me if you were this girl?

I met this 18 yr old girl and I was 21. She was a freshman and I was a junior in college. We became extremely intimate together (went on great dates, had lots of amazing sex sober, and cuddled each other asleep for months). We were together for about a year but I never made things official with her even though she begged me. So we were never officially a couple. I remember sayin that "if we feel the same after summer then maybe I'll be your boyfriend". Over that summer I was distant and she felt neglected by me. She came back to school a different person. She tried to make me jealous by kissing another guy in front of me and she said "if we were official I never would have done that". This started a war between us. One of us would flirt with a new person, leaving the other crying or I would just yell at her. Then I would show up at her house all the time and apologize with puppies lol or even waited outside her class with flowers and we would make out sometimes. I know she has feelings for me still, she was the one who pursued me, but she also hates me for obvious reasons listed above. But we have insanely strong
chemistry and attraction for each other and she knows that.

If you were her, how much would you hate me? 1-10? I love her still...


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  • Honestly, I wouldn't have waited for you to be ready to be "official" for that long. Obviously she really likes you if she waited a year, and is still hooking up with you. I think you guys should just determine where you stand, because emotional roller coaster rides are more annoying than fun, and can ruin a possible relationship (if you decide later on that's what you want).

  • A lot, because you are the reason for all the unnecessary drama that you guys could have avoided. But since she loves you she dosnt hate you. Just be with her! Seriously, if you're on this site asking for advice and telling us you love her. Why don't you be with her? That's inner issue you need to solve before you guys settle. Good luck!


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