Can guys really conquer girls or is it girls that always do the selection?

Sometimes I feel that guys really have no say on wether to choose who to date unless she chose him already.

On the other hand I've seen girls that want guys and even if he wasn't interested at all, because she really pushed, she end up being with him.

My only conculsion is that girls always have something to offer "sex", so they really have a wider selection to choose from, even though it is obvious they can't choose just anyone, there are limits, but they do pretty good.

Guys sometimes I feel may make the first step, then she notices him and if she likes him, it's on, or girls would make the first step and game over.

But I really doubt there are many situations where girls already knew the guy, but wasn't interested, then he was interested and made her change her mind, I don't think that really happens much. Unlike viceversa which I see all the time.


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  • I disagree, girls still get rejected; especially when you're not as pretty as others haha. Though I can see where you're coming from

    • yeah i'm not saying girls don't get rejected, but when they don't is still a guy they chose, guys will have to be selected by her first no matter what.

  • I think both of them have their say in the dating world. If I don't like a guy's personality, he ain't conquering me. I'm not a price to be conquered nor mountaint to be climbed on to.

    • that was my point, except for the first sentence you said

  • "Is it possible to rape women?"

    • Only comment if you've read the entire question.

    • if every sentence of this question doesn't scream rapist to you you're probably a rapist too

    • You are reading an entirely different question to me.. do you suffer from paranoia?

  • Girls feel the same way you do -

    They can't date just any man they crush on unless he's super into her looks to start. Then it takes him a while to even try to get to know her outside of that attraction. So they're stuck dating men who are super attracted to them and don't have a way to entice men they're super attracted to if he isn't more interested in her. She's either his type or not and nothing can change that.

    That's how most females feel.

  • I don't buy the whole guys have no say thing. Like they were hypnotized by a womans vagina, and had no choice in dating her.
    As a guy you have just as much choice as a woman, you choose who you approach and who you go out with. I think the only real difference is that women are more selective then men.

    • Well, no, I think guys have a say in who to try to go for, but if she didn't pick him first he can try forever and nothing, girls can get somewhere.

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  • In both cases they select from a pool of possible candidates. When that pool of candidates overlaps, then there is a possibility of them getting together.

    Just because men generally "reveal" their pool first doesn't change the fact that they both have a pool of possible candidates - and they can only get together when the interest is mutual.

    John is interested in Amy
    John approaches Amy
    Amy is not interested in John
    John feels rejection

    Mary is interested in John
    John is not interested in Mary
    John never approaches Mary
    Mary still feels a form of rejection

    Mary's feeling of rejection is not the same as John's. Her feeling of rejection is less overt. It's also less strong because he might still approach. However if Mary happens to know about John's approach to Amy, her feeling of rejection becomes more overt, and possibly more painful.

    Both of the above cases are the same. In one case a man is interested in a woman and is rejection. In the other case a woman is interested in a man and is rejected. The difference is who "revealed" their interest.

    Joe is also interested in Amy
    Joe approaches Amy
    Amy is interested in Joe
    Amy accepts Joe's courtship and they live happily ever after.

    Amy turned down John's approach and accepted Joe's approach. That does not mean Amy was the only one to "select" her partner. John, Joe, Mary and Amy all selected the partner they wanted. Only Joe and Amy ended up with that partner.

    Joe selected Amy and got her
    Amy selected Joe and got him
    John selected Amy and didn't get her
    Mary selected John and didn't get him

    In the season finale Joe and Amy get married. In the final scene of the wedding the camera pulls back. You see John glancing over at Mary. Mary gives John a timid smile. John's eyes brighten ever so slightly.

  • Ah yes, the age old question of who choose whom. I'm guessing that you are specifically referring to 1st World Nations in the 21st Century--as women had no say what-so-ever up until really, the turn of the 20th century.

    You are correct in your observation and I have thought before about who picked whom in my own past relationships. In the beginning they "picked" me and I was just happy to get some 1st class seats to some boob action. However, as I gained experience and confidence I would say that I had the ultimate say. Case in point, fat chicks who thought they had a chance. Ha ha ha maybe if they lost 40 pounds--ladies it's not shallow, it's called having standards.

    The human condition cannot escape two facts: death and choice. Ultimately, our lives are just a composite of millions of different choices. So, let me posit to you, in Chess who has the greatest advantage white or black?

    White does have the advantage of attacking first (choosing whom to pick) but Black has the advantage of the first counter (essentially forcing a draw).


    Guy picks girl. Girl rejects him = she forces the draw and puts the poor bastard in the friend zone.

    Girl picks guy. Guy becomes over come by her cooch burger and she wins.

    Girl Picks guy. Guy counters, makes a few more moves, neutralizes the threat and conquers.

    In every scenario however, both parties have the freedom of choice. I would say that boys don't have the set of balls yet to say no. Men, do what they want and ultimately have the greatest power in fish taco rejection.

    • oh my god I've never seen such creepy armchair anthropologist psuedoscience

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    • It doesn't apply, obviously girls can get rejected too specially if they are fat, but some of thos fat girl can conquer some good looking guys too, it may not be you but some other dude that has nothing else to do, but still she can get someone out of all the one she wants, just because she brings the V, the equivalent of a fat chick for a guy will be a guy with no social skills, he will get rejected all around of the girls he wants, and maybe will only have luck with a girl he didn't want, example a fat girl that went for him.

    • But in all those examples, the guy still chooses the girl. Yes, the woman's vagina works as an encentive but that isn't an end all be all. The same correlary explains why old rich white guys a banging 20 year old blonde bimbos, it's not cause the guy has a great personality--his incentive is money. Thus both sexes have incentives to offer, both ultimately decide but the one with the greatest advantage is the one who is being pursued and not the pursuant.

  • You can conquer but these days it's psychological instead of physical.

    Mostly it's just 2 people who like each other then magic happens.

  • Personally I think it's not guys don't have a say to choose who to date? But nice guys are putting every women on pedestals.
    If I wasn't interested, you couldn't really push me into relationship, because i need to see furthermore regardless of your physical qualities.
    There are minor situations where a guy knew a girl for a long time, and be successful to seduce her after being put into the FZ

    • Minor cases, almost never

  • If you're a guy and you're chasing after a girl, you're submitting to her. If a big, muscular and/or rich and powerful guy is submitting to her, it makes HER feel powerful and in control. Women seek power and control. If you really want a woman, all you have to do is play to this desire of hers.

    • rich is only cool if it makes you powerful, money by itself is not attractive to girls, specially in this time of age.

  • I feel the same way

  • All relationships no matter how long or short they are are mutual. Both sexes have a say in what goes down.

    • Well guys tend to accept who chose them if that's what you mean, at least they chooe the better one.

    • Maybe that's how you do things. I don't work the same way.

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