GIRLS: Can this be a COINCIDENCE - 5 days after I ask her to a movie, she posts a picture of her and her BROTHER going to a movie?

Was 95% sure she likes me... asked her if she wanted to go catch a movie (the day after she got in huge fight with mom)... says she is going to not go out for a bit to get on her good side (there is NO DATING/ time alone with guys in her culture either). She texts me the next day to compliment me on something and sends lots of smiley faces - seemed like she did that to show that she WAS interested.

Anyways, 5 days later she posts a picture on Facebook of her and her brother going out to a movie with the caption "movie night out with my brother"... that can't be a coincidence, can it? I've never seen her post a picture like that... what would her intention with posting that be? What is she trying to tell me, if anything?


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  • She just had a movie with her brother. It could have been a last minute thing. This is nothing to look into.


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