Why did he get weird after sex?

Great date the other night. Wasn't sure I'd like the guy. He was eager to meet and I was afraid I was going to find him boring. I joked "keep your expectations low!" And it became a joke that our date was going to be a total disaster.

We ended up having a great time. I was really attracted to him, inside and out. We went back to his place to smoke some weed and he told me he felt we had chemistry in the texting and he hadn't really had that with anyone online before. I was honest and told him I thought he came off different in person, but I was happy because the date was going well. We ended up hooking up. It was super good and passionate. I never got off, but he tried for a long time, and we passed out in each other's arms.

When we woke I turned away, but he didn't really spoon me, just kind of awkwardly put his hand on my hip and eventually turned and we didn't cuddle as I'd like. Next morning, I tapped him and said I had to get going. Said I had fun (him: "yeah") and hoped we'd hang out again (him: "yeah"). We did it again. He had trouble performing, but things ended up working out. We chatted a bit, and as I left, I again said I'd had fun (him: "yeah") and hoped to see him again (him: "yeah").

I have a feeling I won't hear from him. I felt like things took a 180, and I'm hurt/afraid that I did something to gross him out or change his opinion.

Hope I wasn't clingy...before we hooked up, I said I was afraid I'd never hear from him again. He said "do I seem like that kind of person?" I laughed and said "EVERYONE seems like that kind of person." He said "I don't think that will happen." I know it's unfair to have someone promise they're not sure they'll keep, but would be nice to hear SOMETHING.

Have you ever had the switch flipped? Have you flipped the switch? Did he just get what he wanted and the passion died down? I felt so much chemistry throughout the date, that it just seems like the "off" button was pressed. Did I come off as uninterested?


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  • I think unfortunately he just wants the sex, if a guy really likes you and wants to persue things he won't seem so dis interested.

  • My opinion is that he may just be using you for sex, if he really did like you he would make an effort to say something more than just a "yeah" in response to all the nice things that you have said multiple times to him.


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