He hasn't texted since our date ended. Is this normal?

I just went on a first date last night. Now after I texted him that I had a good night he hadn't texted back. Is this normal or should I look for something else?


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  • Normal... But always look for something else


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  • How far did you go? I know it's a first date, but sometimes you've just got to haha... He might be blanking you to make you more desperate, my guy does it all the time because he prefers the passion I bring home to him when he hasn't texted me back for a couple of days. I don't think I'm any different in bed but he sees a difference, so he uses it as a wind up to great sex. It's unlikely that that's your guys aim, but he might want you desperate for next time maybe?

    He may not be interested, but if you had a good time I can't see why.

    Just don't panic, wait over the weekend, some guys are just slower at texting back. Is it possible he doesn't have credit?