Connected with a guy and he never responded to my text?

So recently I met a guy on tinder. Yes, tinder (how embarrassing). Anyway he seemed like a really cool guy and he asked me if i'd like to go to a i went. Instantly I liked his personality. He was really sweet, asked thoughtful questions and got me in the concert for free. It was a little bit awkward at the very beginning but then we talked more and started dancing. We seemed to have a lot of the same interests. Anyways, the night went on and I really was liking him and I definitely felt a connection and he seemed interested. He kissed me at the concert when we were dancing. After the show, we went outside and were talking by my car and he was asking me lot of questions and complimenting me. We ended up walking around at 1:30 AM on a Sunday night, talking about stuff. We later went back to my car, he told me I was a very good dancer and asked me if I thought he was. lol. Anyways, before I left he asked me if he could kiss me again. So obviously I said yes. But it wasn't quick like i expected, it got a little intense but i was fine with it. He said he had a great time & was happy i joined him at the concert. Anyway, the next day i texted him at like 5 pm and said Hey! and i got no response at said he read it too. so I was really really confused seeing as i thought he was interested. I'm not sure what to do. I texted him on monday..and it's not friday. The only contact I've had with him is through snapchat stories...cause he's looked at I'm sooo confused. By the way, he is 24 and I'm 20. Any ideas of what could have happened? I don't get this whole texting definitely isn't helping. Should I just shoot him another text asking him to do something or is it not worth it at this point? I really wanna see him again.


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  • he could have just been busy, or seen your message and forgot about it... some guys don't like to text also. you could try initiating something.

    • very true, but if he was interested wouldn't he want to talk to me?

    • eh not necessarily. my boyfriend's brother is dating one my best girl friends and they hardly text and they are quite fond of you.

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