Went on a date for the first so took a friend along and the guy started checking my friend out?

I met this guy on a dating website and he wanted to meet me in a week of talking and texting. So we met up for coffee and while i was there my friend was also there with me and instead of getting to know me he kept asking my friend questions and he kept checking he out..i felt very awkward. This was my first date ever and my friend came along so i won't be nervous or scared but it did not go so well...Worst experience ever. I dont think I am dating ever again. any one had similar situation? he hasn't contacted me again.


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  • in my opinion shoulda tried 1 on 1, but lol thats shitty


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  • You like cretins? Yeah, you like cretins. That's hot. You're also kind of dumb and have the self-esteem of an amoeba (they have none and can't comprehend it).

    • lollll not i dont like cretins! i am not a cretin either! hahaha

    • I don't doubt you're not a cretin. I never said you were.

  • Thats what people goes for...looks. Ur friend shouldve known better than to kept quiet and cheer the two of u on -.-'
    She was juz suppose to be there for u and not flirt with ur man lol..she too dumb of a friend tbh >.>


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  • dont let him discourage you, he is just one man

    • it was just very sad i was sitting there dumbfounded while they were talking...smh

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    • no she was very hesitant answering his questions but he kept asking her..and she kept directing them to me..she wasn't doing anything but helping me

    • ok, but dont get discourage and keep trying. just try to keep you head up