What should I do? To let this guy back?

i had a great frist date with a guy. I can discover he likes me and after date he text me everyday and ask me tell him when i will be available because i am busy.
The second date is in a very fancy restaurant, honestly i don’t like it at all. At also he mentioned twice he hoped his further wife should be vegetarian too because he is. I don’t know how to answer right away because i am not sure whether i like him and he is 15 years old than me.
when i got back home , i think maybe i can give us a try. But i can discover he laid back and he is abroad to check his broken knee. So i text him yesterday “how is your knee ”, he text me back with jokes. So we keep texting again , but then he suddenly stoped in the mid-conversation. That make me a little frustrating. What i should do?
Sorry i am not native English speaker..

should i ask him out?


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  • Looks like he puts too much expectations on the women he dates. Being or not being a vegetarian is really up to you.
    He suddenly stopped in the mid-conversation, probably he wants to think he's busy.
    Just continue hang out, have fun together, then everything comes along easily.


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