25 year old... no real relationship ever... only awful experiences, will I be single forever?

25 year old female, and no real relationships... i have just had the worst experiences with men, i come from a broken family so I feel like i never had an example of what a relationship should be, or how i should be treated.. . or how i should treat the person in my life.

honestly, im just getting worried. i see everyone introducing their fiance's around, and their boyfriends, and i've never even had anyone to introduce to my friends or family...and its now becoming depressing.

i am in the middle of launching a start-up that is going very well... this is the focus of my life (my work brings me absolute happiness...)

but, just seeing other people in their relationships is starting to make me feel like something is wrong with me...

will i be single forever? i'm an attractive girl, but i really don't do well with men... (i don't like women) men just dont seem to like me very much... or if they do its usually for the wrong reasons. none of them ever want to make me their girlfriend...

is there hope for me, or should i just accept the fact that no one wants me.. lol.



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  • 1) make sure you are picking the right guy... your family history might actually influence the type of guys you get attracted to, who happens to be also don't commit
    Make sure to understand your attachment style, and have a look at your past relations, and see if your exes were emotionally available. try to assess what do you like about a guy... and see what are the non-negotiable traits... and those traits are good to be their but not the end of the world if they don't exist.

    2) Careers are great, and I will marry a woman that has a job, because I don't want her to be bored. But also as a man... I know damn well, that without a lady in my life who I love and seek to grow old with her, I might as well just die now... that is me.. so don't trick yourself of where is the major source of happiness in your life... knowing that would help you avoid the fatal mistake of not finding someone while you still can.

    3) people are equally responsible about their destiny. in fact you make it weather was that a business or a relationship.


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  • No you won't be alone forever. If you don't know what you problem with guys is. Figure it out and work on it.
    As well you have to stay positive. If you go into a relationship thinking it's only a matter of time before it ends. Then your body language will convey that. The guy will pick up on it. And the relationship will fail every time.

    Don't worry you're young. Someone will come along when you least expect it. Concentrate on your work. Build up a successful career.

    Patience is a virtue. It will happen.


  • I wouldn't say your situation is hopeless at all.

    You say you're an attractive girl but don't really do well with men and that they just don't seem to like you very much. Could you tell me a bit more about that? Are you attracting men? Are they the wrong type of men?

    • i have nooo issue attracting them at all... but all the major men in my life must have issues with commitment i guess.. because even after years pass t hey still dont have long term girlfriends... so that is something to consider. but they always love the physical part of the relationship, but i've never felt any of them were head over heels for me.. the way i see men with owomen that they love =/ so depressing lol. and some were just plain jerks... so, honestly i just commit myself to my career which has really made me happy, and i've been celebate for 2 years now because i can't bring myself to have sex with a man if i dont feel he values me for more than that... i dont think I've been very lucky with the men i've met, im in a huge city (nyc) which breeds asshole behavior.

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    • I see. Well then one must understand that in setting high standards, one decreases the potential dating pool of men. You will have greater difficulty attracting a man who lives up to those standards. The next questions to ponder are A) Are your standards realistic? and B) Are you capable (notice I didn't say willing) of lowering your standards if necessary?

    • I mean my standards aren't superficial based on looks etc or things like that.. the one place i can't compromise is based future lifestyle goals. It will be difficult to be with someone who doesn't have the same visions for their future. I already tried it and it doesn't work... thats the only standard I can't lower... I mean if I am working towards these standards myself, i don't think they are unrealistic... just probably uncommon...

  • i am in the same situation :( i can only tell you, what people allways tell me. you´ll have to wait, untill the right guy shows up. if guys like you for the "wrong" reason at least guys like you... its something to build up upon

  • Starting your own successful business? You actually sound like a hot go-getter.

  • It's never too late to start a relationship


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  • Yeah go adopt 10 cats and call it a day.. ;) jk
    You'll meet someone don't worry. Some people don't meet their significant others until later in life, don't worry about it. Focus on your work and don't stress.
    Even if you're single forever, why is that so bad?