My best friend broke up and we really like each other?

My best friend and me have been close the last 4 years. She has been dating another guy for 6. I have always liked her and about 4 months ago she admitted she felt the same way about me. After she has been wanting to break up with him for a long time (it doesn't have anything to do with me) she broke up with him almost 2 months ago. The first month we really didn't talk to each other really at all. It was hard because we talked everyday before that, I think it had something to do with the way we feel about each other. Now we are best friends again but with the tension still between us. The main problem is they have to see each other all the time because they have a kid and he keeps texting her and calling her asking to get back together and she always says no. My question is how long should I wait until I try anything with her and how to not piss off a crazy ex.


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  • You could talk to her about it. Though if she has a crazy ex, there might not be a long enough after the break up. Some people are like that one is mine and Im not letting go.

    So talk to her, see what she says. See if she wants to pursue things. Also understand what you are getting into dating someone with a kid. Its a big step in life and if you are ready for it then go for it.

    I can't date people with kids. I tried it, its not my bag.


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