We kissed so why is she giving me mixed signals now?

Two weeks ago we spent almost the entire weekend flirting with each other during a 2 day event. And kissed on the last evening. And took a train back together.

Since then we've flirted via whatsapp and in real life. I asked her out on a date once. But she had good reasons to not be there.
And a second time, which she sorta rejected (we said lets go next week, didn't pick a date).

She acts hot and cold. In my presence she told her girlfriend that she's on Tinder, but that she won't message this other guy anymore.
I sorta gave up on her from that point, but then she started flirting via whatsapp again.

I thought all women would only kiss someone if they are really into them.

Why is she acting so hot and cold?

Told her she should come to the party next week.

Her response was that "she didn't feel like a party and she has been to those parties before and they sucked."

- pretty clear that she isn't into me, I just wonder wtf happened?-


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  • Hot and cold is a always a danger zone. It is just dangerous. You were right to give up. Girls act like that when they don't want the guy also when she is not sure.
    Also some woman can kiss whoever they want. They do , because they just want. They don't seek any reason.

    • Well she was flirting with me for two entire days from the moment she first saw me. So I doubt it was just a random 'make out session'.

      I'm just wondering why all of a sudden ya know!

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    • Yeah, I honestly hope the good things for you! Think positive XD

    • Allllways positive ;) Xd

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  • She gives you hot n cold response because she doubts what're doing as a man. A man has purpose, drive, and knows where he goes. In this case, I think you missed an opportunity of knowing confirm definite time, place for the date.

    • I doubt it, because I have drive (she knows it - we met during a 10k marathon and we are both med students). And I already asked her out a couple of times (see update).

      Any other theories?

  • In short, she is confused about her feelings for you. She may have doubts about hers and your commitment if you both got into a relationship. Personally, texting does not suit me. I'd rather sort out the differences in person and make sure she'd get the impression I am ready for this to work out.

    • We have met up a few times (twice) in person. The problem is, her girl friend was there and sheo got most of the attention because she had so much to say... Really frustrating.

      The first time we actually ended up in her bedroom (I forget why) and I suggested going out for a bit since it's nice weather.
      Because I didn't really feel like anything was going to happen for some reason.
      So we went out and she actually wanted to pay for my icecream (which I of course initially refused).