How to ask a girl out who I've just met?

I got invited to a friend's party yesterday. We played drinking games and had a good time even though I only knew the host and her boyfriend since most of the guests were high school friends and I was her only friend from uni.
Anyways, I got close to one of the host's friends from high school who was drunk. She kept falling over so I held her and she sat on my lap and one thing led to another and we were kissing and hugging each other. She sobered up in the end but we shared a bed and cuddled as we were sleeping over.
In the morning, she seemed quite distant and tired and we took the train home and I got off before her. Anyways, I didn't ask her phone number as there were other friends around and she was falling asleep on the train. I added her on Facebook and she accepted but I don't know how to proceed after that.

Do you think she is still interested in me?
How do I start talking to her?
Do I ask her out over Facebook or do I ask her number and call her?

As she goes to a different uni I don't think I'll see her in person for a long time unless I ask her out. It's really bothering me because I just can't stop thinking about her and how her hair smelled.


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  • Just say something like, hey it was nice to meet you at the party, if you don't know her name, then say your name and ask for hers. Try to get to know her a bit better first, and/or ask what she tought of the party :)


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