Is this too slow? if so how do I speed it up?

Okay so me and my new girlfriend are 15 in highschool and she is kinda shy and timid but like we have been dating for a week and a half and we haven't even held hands yet? is this going to slow? i wanted to kiss her by the end of school (6/4/14). she agrees but still i dont see us getting that far by then at this rate... any advice?


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  • In my opinion probably not you guys are only 15 youve got plenty of time. Granted i am a year younger, but i feel im more mature than most 14 year olds. Get to know eachother before you get too far into sexual things or else thats all you might want from eachother :)

    • we have been like best friends this entire year i think we know eachother enough and i dont care about sexualized things i just want to kiss her and hold hands and such, we are both more mature than anyone in our grade anyway

    • Then id say try to but dont try too hard or you'll ruin it ya feel

  • Just grab her hand! She probabaly wants you too


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