I've been hurt before and im scared it will happen again?

I have had 3 real boyfriends I am 17 years old and my last boyfriend really hurt me and I was single for 2 years during those 2 years I had a lot of s.e.x and out of all the guys I didn't get attached to any of them but one got attached to me and now I have an amazing boyfriend and we have been together for 6 months and that guy who is attached to me won't leave us alone so annoying and now im gettin attached to my boyfriend I have now and im scared of getting hurt and him and I kinda have our life planed together and we have had s.e.x but I never get attached but I am and I have a feeling him and I r gunna last bc I'm almost 18 and if I can work a little I can move in with him but I need to get less attached bc I don't wanna get hurt and he says he loves me and he thinks we're gunna last forever and he ssid he would never hurt me but I don't know im just scared


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  • This affair does'nt blossom and feels like this guy is in some sort of hurry


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