She wanted to be JUST friends because she wasn't ready for a relationship, and what we were doing felt like a relationship to her.?

Me and this girl hung out for a few months, we were really into eachother, but from the start she said she didn't want anything serious... We had been hanging out, kissing, doing couple stuff, but weren't officially a couple. Recently she said she just wanted to be friends bc she didn't want anything that resembled a relationship, she has been in serious relationships all her adult life, and needed skme time to focus on herself, we see eachother at work frequently and everything is friendly... But I told her I can't be just friends and to call me when she is ready. Do you think there is any chance this will work out one day?


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  • No there isn't. If she's not feeling it now then she won't ever feel that way. Don't fool yourself, when she says she doesn't want a relationship right now it means she doesn't want one with you


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  • I wouldn't hold my breath. Who knows how long before she is ready to date? When she is ready to date, who knows she will be interested in you? I wouldn't get stuck waiting around for her to ultimately find out she is dating someone else. Sorry, man, I think you should move on.

  • Nope. Sorry.