Why do grown men play games, and then act like they are not?

ok, why do grown men (42) play head games and then act like they don't know what they are doing wrong, do men ever really grow up?


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  • just the guy you picked is all
    was there an assumption maybe that you two were bf/gf
    sounds like they were dating you which does not mean bf/gf
    or a exclusive relationship.
    dating is dating not an exclusive relationship unless agreed upon in spoken terms with eachother

    • i am talking about someone, i have been in a relationship with for 3 years now, i have his first n only child, he is 42, and is still playing games, wants to play house but does not want make a full commitment but says he wants a future, house n all but still ignores my calls n texts when its convenient for him , and he is 42, wtf

    • you mentioned ' still ignores my calls/text..
      has he always done these things say in the last 2years?

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  • All the girls i dated, i never played head games
    i had 2 ex-girlfriends , one dumped me cause of
    her mother was controlling her life, the other one
    never wanted take time when it came to sexual stuff
    never had actual sex, with both girls was foreplay

  • how else are we going to get in your pants?

    • why hide, that you're one of the assholes,, huh,

    • oh, i see now your a kid

    • you should be with a younger man who can go all night anyways.

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  • Not the assholes, nope. Just move on and do yourself a huge favor :)