Would guys date girls who doesn't like her dad?

Hi, I was just wondering :) I'm 18, have a good education, fit and healthy, have hobbies and interest so there is nothing mentally or physically wrong with me. :D

I've stopped talking to my dad 2 years ago, although my parents are still happily married. He is great to my mum, but he never does housework and smokes.

He promised that he will quit smoking on mum's birthday and then I caught him out when I home one day. I used to beg him to quit and do some housework just to make my mum happy. I'm so tired of it that I've stopped talking to him altogether. I don't have dinner with him either. Mum sometimes has dinner with him. He still lives at the same house though.

You can criticise me but I've just gotten so tired of begging and crying him just for the sake of my mum. I will put on a facade for my boyfriend and his parents if I have to though. I don't have other siblings to share the pain either.

I've never dated because I've focused on my education and I went to an all girls' school, now that I'm going to uni soon, I want to start dating but scared that guys will dump me because of this.

Thanks :)


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  • I dont see why that would be a factor, in a guy dating you


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  • sure. why would that make a difference?


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  • Some will, some won't
    It depends about their family values

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