I'm confused on my sexuality?

Since the age of 12 I've had feelings for girls, thinking I was gay. I've had 4 relationships with girls and they were okay, I felt very comfortable in them. Then this year I've been talking to a guy who I've developed feelings for, I'm confused! I don't like the fact that he has a penis, it really puts me off. I feel like I'm leading him on a little because I'd never be able to do anything with him, although he knows I'm gay. I'm confused:(


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  • It sounds like you like him you don't want to hurt him and you care for him. I think that is called love and a relationship. Just because girls turn you one does not mean you can't be with a guy.

    • Aw thank you!!:)

    • Just be yourself totally honest I get turned on a little by guys I even catch myself flirting sometimes but at the end of the day the one I want to be with is my wife.

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