Am I being unreasonable? Be honest please?

I've been dating my bf for almost a year and a half now and I'm getting so bored. We gotten into a routine where we do the same things over and over and over again. I feel like I'm stuck in the twilight zone on repeat.

I've talked to him about this and asked if we can do something new but his reply is we are fine the way we are and that I get bored too easily. All we do 2-3 times a week is watch Netflix and have sex then fall asleep.

I tried planning things where we have picnics in the park or go see a play, taking a fun couples class. But those are all my ideas and he doesn't even attempt to think of anything himself.

Am I being unreasonable in wanting some new activities besides moved all the time?


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  • People can have two different levels of the need to go out, I'm like you and my wife is much more like your bf. you really have three options. One is to accept that this is the way he is, and you take the responsibility for your activities indefinitely. The second is to break up and find a partner who wants to be more active. The third is for us to swap partners (j/k)

    • How did you make it work in your marriage? I'm having a very hard time accepting this right now. I feel like I need more then what he is willing to give. I don't want to end things with him but at the same time I'm not happy anymore.

    • Just realize that you are two different people. Relationships are give and take, and I accept that planning 'fun ' is my role. So I plan things and we have a good time. I don't try to force her to be something she's not. Otherwise it would be continual frustration.

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  • Nope not unreasonable at all.
    Things in a relationship should come from two ways.
    If you need more variety in your life he should be willing to give that to you.

    • After reading it again i am not sure i got part of your question right.
      Did you ask him to do something else with you or did you tell him you need more variety in your relationship?

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    • It's not a big deal to him. He's fine the way things are. He knows how I feel, I've told him many times. But lately I haven't even been trying anymore because what's the point? Nothing is changing

    • Does that mean he's fine knowing things aren't fine with you? Because to me that sounds a bit selfish.
      If you can't find a way to be happy with him this way (aka bored all the time because you need him to surprise you more with fun activity's) you really need to convince him how serious this is for you. It sounds like he's destroying the relationship this way and is not realizing he does.

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  • NO, you are not being unreasonable