I really like him, please tell me what I need to do!?

I started talking to this guy on facebook. From the start, he began flirting with me and gave me his number and insisted that I text him back. I texted him after he gave me his number. The back and forth texting went on for about three days, in which he openly admitted to liking me and wanting to be with me and wanting to start a relationship with me. Then we hanged out on day four. The day was normal, all smiles, him telling me about the hard life he's been through and what not. He gave me a hug at the end of the day and a smile. The next day and up to today (four days have elapsed) he isn't talking to me. All he has said is one sentence which is "That night, what color shirt was I wearing? And what color were you wearing?". (We were both wearing blue just to let you know). I don't know what to make of this sentence. I called him and left a message asking to call me back and sent him a message on Facebook to call me back and he didn't. I recently told him in a Facebook message that I miss talking to him and I miss his texts. All he's said to me since we've hanged out which was four days ago is that one sentence. I didn't know I liked him until we hanged out and I don't know how to have him talking to me again the way he was before we hanged out. Before we hanged out, he would send me good morning text messages, ask me how my day is going and what I'm up to, but now I feel like I did something wrong when we hanged out. Because since then, I feel like I'm the only one pursuing him and I always feel like I'm talking to a wall when i write to him or call him and he doesn't write or call back. Help me please, I really like him.


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  • He may be shy and realise that things are getting 'serious' and may be scared?
    Please answer mine: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1028593-girls-why-would-you-start-to-avoid-conversation-with-a-guy-after-he

    • Then how do I make him feel not so scared or not so shy? I'm scared and shy too you know. He's just such a great person to be around and I feel like I have everything when he's with me.<3

    • try asking him if things are moving too fast...say your happy to move at his pace and tell him to let you know if your coming on too strong

    • I sent him a Facebook message yesterday asking him to call me and he didn't say anything to me. How am I supposed to tell him the stuff you just said when he won't talk to me. Also, I unfriended him from Facebook two days ago because I got so upset he wasn't talking to me. Any advice on this as well? Should I have him on my Facebook again or no?

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