2014 Summer Romance Issues (lol)?

Alright, there's this chick that I met early second semester at school, lets call her Lauren. She was visiting from another school. Thing is, back at home, she lives less than 15 minutes away.

Now, school is over, and both girls I was "dating" back at school live over an hour away from me. So, I am interested in starting things up with Lauren as I am home for the next 3 months.

So ever since I met her every two-three weeks I would text her just to stay in touch. She seemed interested by saying things like she wanted to see me over the summer etc...

So I called her last Monday, she picked up we had a small conversation and then I concluded the phone call by asking her what's she doing later this week (last week). She replied with that she "can text" me. So I said ok, and I've been waiting ever since (and the week is over). I did call her on Friday and she didn't pick up, but I didn't leave a message of any sort.

Do I contact her again? Or, fuck it? I know her her dog did die Monday Night and she's been pretty busy, and I also know she's super hot and guys are a dime a dozen for her probably, but at the same time is she really too busy to text me a simple "Hey, I'm busy lets hang out next week or something?"


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  • I like the question title. That's all :)


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