Girls, how do you meet guys? Should I just go out and wait? (Possibly even forever?) Guys, how can I meet you?

I haven't even dated since more than a year now. I want to get on board, meet new people and all; but I don't like to approach guys, so I think I should wait it out but be available. Thus, I go out and try to dress well, most of the time. However, this hasn't really been working, no guy has really asked me out. Currently, trying out the mall and cafes. No bite. Dating seems harder now outside of college campus. Any advice?


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  • Well, you've met me now. Congratulations.


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  • Stop trying. this year i was forcing myself to meet someone and failed. Then decided to just do my stuff, look good, being active *physically and emotionally* smiling and being talkative. people just start to show up randomly. Currently dating 2 girls but Im in a very strange situation LOL the girl that Im almost in love with and have a really solid emotional and physical attraction bond has a BF of 4 years...

    Just dont try, thats it. love yourself, be happy with yourself. Look it this way: Would you want to be with a person that looks desperate to be with another person? Answer is NO. Usually people feel attracted to people that are happy and have good energy.

  • Learn how to show, recognize and reply by body language.You're missing opportunities.
    This might help, but I can find more :


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