Should I wait it out or just move on?

So there's this guy... we had our first date a couple of days ago and from the text he sent me that night we both agreed it was great. The chemistry was there, we kept making out, it was supposed to be a casual morning thing but it kept going and then turned into an almost all night thing (it would have went on but work called) after that text he sent me the night of the date i was feeling confident everything was going great... we had a brief convo.. i sent him a text that i know he saw and was in the process of replying to but he never did (technology now-a-days huh?). Its been a couple of days since this and he hasn't gotten back to me so I'm having second thoughts maybe he wasn't as interested...maybe it was all an act. He kept saying things like "we're definitely going to see each other again, we should do so and so next time and my friends would love you" all throughout the date so I'm just confused. Should i wait for him to get back to me (and if so how long?), should i text him (i don't wanna be clingy) or should i move on bc he might just not be interested?


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