What does it mean exactly when a guy says he has/had feelings for you?

This guy and I have been off and on friends with benefits ish but it's always been really complicated and weird and we decided not to be friends anymore. It's been months but the other night we ended up talking again and I straight up asked him if he had feelings for me and he said "of course. Wtf? I'm obviously physically attracted you and we've been doing this for years...I don't know why you need confirmation on that. Also, I think we have different definitions for 'feelings.' I told you I didn't want to date anyone from the get go and I haven't. I didn't want to date anyone, it isn't personal to you. I'm moving across the country and we've known this and I can't say I wouldn't date you if I was looking to be in a relationship because I never really thought about it." What exactly does that mean?


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  • ""What does it mean exactly when a guy says he has/had feelings for you?"

    Its really that simple.
    We aren't a complicated gender.
    He has feelings for you.

    • While I generally agree, I feel like his response was super wordy and I wasn't sure what he was getting at?

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