What is it with girls and "over thinking"?

-Im feeling alright = Im feeling alright.
-Im Bored = Im bored
-Im not doing anything = Im not doing

Why is there always some underlying message that doesn't exist?


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  • Girls overthink EVERYTHING! This happens more when a girl likes the guy. It's mostly a defense mechanism. Girls can't help but consider all possibilities by over-thinking simple statements, most times turning it into the worst thing possible and worrying about it. From personal experience, it's also a trust thing. Girls assume that guys aren't straightforward with them, either because they are dishonest or don't want to hurt her feelings by telling the whole truth. So, they prepare themselves for anything by considering all the possibilities of what a simple statement could mean.
    If you are interested in a girl who does this, start your "simple statement" with reassurance or just a little specificity. "I'm not doing anything, just sitting at home watching TV" or "I'm bored, what are you up to?" Mostly, always be honest to prevent girls from thinking they have to overthink it to be sure.


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  • We don't want to get hurt. Simple as that. As teenagers we girls have had so many heartbreaks it's not funny. I've been lied to too many times as a teen and it really crushed my self-esteem and made me worry about how other guys were really feeling about me. It made me worry that everything that came out of their mouth was a lie. We are just trying to safeguard our hearts.

    • No offence, but some time, i thinks girls assume that only they got hurt in teenage or even after that... and do all the defense mechanism and stuff..
      I have seen lot of girls hurting\dumping guys just because they want to fuck someone else or the guy is too nice..
      PS: Personal experience is also a part of above paragraph

    • We know guys get hurt. But we are doing what we need to protect ourselves. This is the way girls handle that. I'm sure guys have their own defense mechanisms but this is ours.

  • Sometimes we want you to care enough to try to figure out what is wrong as opposed to spelling it out for you. I don't know why. Maybe it feels like you're paying attention that way.

  • Because we've been lied to too many times


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