Is she actually busy or is she not interested?

So there's this girl that goes to my high school that I really like. She's a freshman like me, she's on the soccer team like me, and we have a few mutual friends. The thing is, we don't see each other that often because we don't have any classes together, so we usually just text. I make her laugh a lot in person and in text. It's just hard to tell if she likes me because she's really outgoing and has tons of friends. So we've been texting every couple of days for about a week with like 4 hour conversations, and we were talking about this project she had to work on and she sent me pictures of it. So I asked her if she was doing anything this Friday, and she said she had to finish said project, then she asked why. Then I said I was wondering if we could get some frozen yogurt after school and she said "I wish but we have to finish, sorry :/. Maybe next time!". The excuse seems genuine but it's just killing me not knowing if she means no or is actually busy.


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  • it sounds like she's actually busy considering she was JUST talking about her project...try when she's done with it, and change the place...maybe to starbucks or something? and even invite more people than just her...start from there and work your way up to it being just you two.

    • I get what you're saying but if I start it with other people she might think I'm not interested in a relationship and just wanna be friends, which is not true at all. Also wouldn't it be better to ask in person? Don't girls like that better? Thanks.

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    • Yeah the double date sounds like a good idea but it seems like it would be difficult to ask and also to plan it. But yeah are conversations are pretty flirty. I asked one of my friends who's a girl what she thought about our texts and she said "it's cute and flirty but not too flirty". So yeah there you go.

    • i say do it! (: go for the double date, i think it would work. i mean its worked for me before, and my relationship with him had lasted 9 months! (:

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  • Especially since you say she has a lot of friends, she could genuinely be busy. Either that, or keep in mind that many girls are also told to play hard to get, or not to be too available to a guy or he will lose interest, regardless of whether you like him or not.

    If that has happened just once, then I wouldn't worry too much. Keep acting like you have been so far. If you ask her again to hang out and she says she's busy, then she's busy the day after as well as weekend after as well, that would be more of a worry.

    Good luck! :)


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  • She means no. It's just frozen yogurt dude. It's not like you're asking her to spend all night with you after school.

    If she was really interested she'd take 30 minutes to get the yogurt with you, that's what most women do. OR they give you an option, like tell you that they're free on Saturday or when you get back to school on Monday. She did neither of those things.

    The problem with chicks is that they never really mean what they say. They're too fucking busy being "nice" and they don't understand how it misleads guys. They expect us to just know. Sadly, with experience we start to understand which is why I'm able to school you on this.

    I suggest you stop texting her as much and just friend zone her. If you keep on it the way you are then she'll start telling all of her friends how you're stalking her and that you're clingy. Know what I mean? Yes, that shit happens dude. The last thing you need is this girl to burn bridges with all the other females at your school because of this... Just play it cool and back off.