How do I bring up/ tell my boyfriend that I want us to continue the relationship?

so i've been dating this guy for about 2 and half months now. and about a week ago i told him i wanted us to pause our relationship like take a break because i needed to think if i really wanted this relationship. so i explained to him why and he understood and he told me to tell him when my heart knows what i want. so now i have figured out that i want our relationship to continue. should i wait longer to tell him? how should i bring it up? how exactly should i tell him that i want us to keep dating? PLZZZ HELP. NEED AS MANY RESPONSES ASAP!!! AND PLZZ ANSWERS ALL THE QUESTIONS. THANK YOU SOO MUCH


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  • just tell him that you want to continue it! he's probably worried and stressed thinking about. just tell him. like now. haha


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