He is definitely interested but has yet to make a move, can I ask him to hang out?

There is this guy that I met through a mutual friend and every time we have run into each other we talk to each other the entire time, sometimes even staying up all night talking and cuddling. When I am around him he keeps all of his attention on me, but we never make plans to hangout with each other, we always just run into one another because we frequent the same places or through mutual friends. We just graduated college and he seems really nervous about what is going to happen next year and keeps asking me where I am moving to (just a different area of town) and what I will be up to. He still hasn't made a move (not even a kiss) besides cuddling but I am getting bored with the situation and want to slowly progress it. My first goal is just to plan to hangout together away from our friends and not at the bar so we can get to know each other better. He is normally a very confident guy and has no issues talking or flirting with girls, but his friends have noticed that he treats me differently than other girls, but I am still kind of confused why he hasn't made much effort so far. A couple of times we would be at the same party and a guy that I was talking to would randomly start to talk up the guy I am interested in. One time the guy went as far to explain that the guy I am interested in hasn't been in a relationship in a few years and he is having a hard time transitioning. These conversations came completely out of the blue and the only reason that they would known that I even knew the guy I am interested in was because they probably saw us talking earlier, but I never brought up the subject, it was always his friends. What could his deal be? Would it be okay for me to ask him to hangout or would he think that is weird? I know he is interested but I don't want to push it too fast and make him uncomfortable or disinterested.


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  • C'mon it's 2014 :D
    It's not like who ask whom first.
    If you like him then ask him out for a casual movie or a coffee with you.
    Sounds like he's a shy guy like me and guys like me usually feel lil' bit awkward to move things forward.
    So just ask him out so he can able to open up to you next time :)
    good luck :)

  • Just ask him to hang out with you I bet he would be happy. Who wouldn't. It seems like he likes being around you. Nothing bad will happen if you ask to hang out. I'm a guy and it would be cool if a girl asked me to hang out.


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