Is this a date or is it totally innocent?

A very vague acquaintance that I haven't spoken to in about 4 years sent me a Facebook message asking how I was and whether I wanted to go for drinks.

I went to the same uni as this guy and we spoke a couple times but we were never friends or really hung out. The very few times we did speak I remember feeling quite attracted to him, but he had a girlfriend at the time and that's about all I remember.

Why is he asking to "catch up" when we were never friends to begin with and he hasn't tried to contact me in years? Is he asking me on a date or does it mean something else? Thoughts please!


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  • I think this guy is simply fishing and now has a bite! He wouldn't have asked if not interested. I don't think this is a date, but more of a compatibility pre-date test.


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  • its probably a date lol. i'm not sure what else it could be. he probably thought you were cool back then and he's probably single now and thought of you.

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