Should I change into a cute outfit or just stay with the clothes I will wear for my yoga class?

I have been asked out on a date by a class mate from yoga class. We are planning to go out after I get out of my other class, but I don't know if I should bring extra clothes to change into. Or just go with the clothes I'm wearing which would be a yoga outfit.

1.don't know if I should change into A Cute outfit

2.just bring a nice top to change into.
I am into fashion so I like dressing up. but then I don't want to seem I am trying to hard. since we have never scene eachother out of class; and we will see eachother in class that day. lol >.>


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  • yes , change your close, and where you are going is a factor on what you will wear.


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  • i would bring a casual change of clothes- maybe a nice top if you like dressing up