I like a guy but I like this other guy. I am conflicted. Opinions?

So this guy and I started talking a few months ago and I know he thinks I'm attractive and he wants to take me on a date and I kinda like him. He's kind of douchey, not to me, but to other people. In the back of my mind something is telling me that maybe he just wants me for sex because that's the kind of vibe he gives off, but another part of me says maybe not. I initiated conversation with him, but we don't have each other's cell phone numbers, he messages me through Facebook which seems odd, I know. We've been talking for a little under a month. I'm pretty positive that he likes me.

This other guy, I liked for a REALLY long time. I think he only ever considered us as friends, but we were never good friends. When we saw each other we would joke around and talk but that was about it. One day I saw him but neither of us said anything and then when we saw each other again we were going back and forth about how neither of us talked to the other and I said it was his fault and he said "well if I take you out one day, would that make it up to you?" And I said sure and he got my number and we have texted back and forth a few times and we have plans to go out now, but I don't know if it's a date. I don't know if he likes me or if we are still just friends, but I like him.

I feel like at this point they could both see that I'm interested in them and if I go out with one the other may think I was leading them on or something I don't know. I really like the second guy. But I don't know if he has feelings for me or if I'm just a friend. I've been talking to the first guy for so long and we've talked about hanging out, I feel like if I end up with the second guy it would be totally bitchy of me. Either way sucks really. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO


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  • Are you dating ( committed ) to either one?
    Then go for it.
    Test the waters with both of them. Go out on a couple of dates have some fun and the one you feel more... hmmm.. comfortable with is the one you take completely seriously.

    • Okay, so when I figure out which one is the right one how do I tell the other one?

    • Just tell him lightly. If you and one of the other guys start dating just inform him you want to be friends

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