More than friend? Is he ignoring me? Does he like me?

I have this guy friend that I really like, and I'm not sure if he likes me back. We are both really into theater, and we got really close during a play a few months ago.
On April 25th we had a school dance, and he asked me to slow dance with him. But my friend told him to ask me to dance with him (the friend that told him doesn't know I like him, she just thought it would be cute) so, I danced with him. It was awkward, but I could tell we both liked it.
At my school, we have a 5 minute "passing period" basically we have 5 minutes to do what ever we want and get to class on time. A few weeks ago, he came in my 6th period class just to talk to me during passing period (it was really sweet)
My best friend is dating his best friend. And my friend and his friend both think we should date, and that we like each other. My friend talked to him during Choir, and she said "Brooklyn doesn't have a crush on you, but you guys would make a cute couple." and he said "hmmmm, really?" And then smiled
We normally talk at least a little everyday. But on Wednesday i think he caught me starring at him, we haven't talked since. I did invite him to my birthday party for this summer yesterday, but he hasn't texted me backyet.
We will see each other this summer because we are going to be in another play together.. Any ideas on how I can get him to like me this summer.
Is he ignoring me, or is it just a coincidence we just haven't talked in the past few days.
Please help, I really like him!


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  • It seems a bit cliche, to the point where it might be forced. You have to ask yourself: Do you like him because you both have a lot in common, or because your best friend likes the idea of you two dating? How well do you know him?

    When I ignore girls, its usually because we don't have anything in common, so I figure that her attraction to he is physical, or trivial.

    • I know him pretty well, we met 2 years ago, but weren't really close, but we got pretty close about 4 months ago and then of coarse we became really close in the play we did. We have some things in common, we both are kind of the "people pleaders" of our grades. He is a grade ahead of me. We are both really into acting, singing, dancing. Do you think he really is ignoring me tho?

    • * people pleasers not pleaders lol

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  • Just keep trying to hang out with him, maybe take the initiative and ask him out? Guys will rarely deny a girl who asks them out. However, if he doesn't like, there isn't much you can do about it.

    • We are also really good friends and I'm kind of scared of losing that... So what if I ask him out and he doesn't like me back?

    • Maybe get one of your friends to just hint around that you like him?

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  • I think a good course of action would be to tell your friend you like him, that way her and her boyfriend can hang out with you and him. It should be more clear after spending more time with him outside of school if he wants to be more than friends.

    • Do you think he is ignoring me or just a coincidence that we haven't been able to talk?

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