What does it mean to have feelings for someone?

What's the difference between having interest, having feelings and liking someone? Is there a difference?

If a guy tells you he has feelings for you, does that mean he likes you or what?


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  • It's beyond like. It's light love.

    • I was in an odd casual ish relationship with a guy who was a very good friend on and off for two years and it ended badly a few months ago and We got to talking again the other night and I asked him if he had feelings for me and he said "of course I have feelings for you. I don't know why you need confirmation on that." So you're saying that means he lightweight loves me and doesn't just like me?

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    • Yeah, the situation is very complicated and there's no way he'd ever say he loves me. He's constantly pushing me away. So I was surprised he admitted to feelings at all.

    • lol that is weird

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