I need advice on a guy who is giving me mixed signals?

Was this a date or not? we have been friends for a month? Today at college our classes were postponed until a later time. So he asked me if I'd like to see a movie. So we went for the movie. He didn't open the car door for me. He drove and we paid separately. We do flirt with each other occasionally. He said he wants a girlfriend. He mentions pretty girls to me when I'm around. He stares at me sometimes. He sometimes leans on me, he touched my hair a few times. But sometimes he seems very distant and quiet. Was it a date or not? What's going on? Have I been friendzoned? I need advice thanks


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  • I see Why you would be getting these 'Mixed signals.' I think by going out with him, it wasn't a 'date,' but a chance to See if You are What he Might Want in the future as a girlfriend. And by mentioning the opposite sex to you, he is treating you Sometimes as his friend, and on the other hand, when he is showing some affection, he is treating you as someone he is comfortable with, but can't seem to get any further with at the moment. He is hesitant.
    He sounds like a fickle pickle right now. And he is most likely scared if he is too hasty with anything, he will get himself into something he is unsure of and doesn't want to hurt you, which is Why 'he seems very distant and quiet.'
    Stay cool with him, hang out. And unless anything changes to Change his mind and you read something differently, I see you in a 'friend zone' forest for awhile.
    It's only been a month, so everything is relatively new yet. Just give him a chance to get to know you, for you to Grow on him, and with some nursing and nurturing of what you have started, something could change later on.
    Good luck.xx