Would it be weird if I message the girl I liked in HS. She sorta gave me shot but I messed up a lot. It's be almost a year I still like her?

I went after her for a long time like almost 6 months. She sorta gave a shot but I blew it like big time. I've liked a few other girls and dated one after HS but things didn't work out. Would it awkward and would she know when I message her that I'm trying again or something like that. Any advice would really help


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  • I don't think it would be a problem to try again. Just hit her up on Facebook or whatever and just have a general conversation. It may be a little awkward because of the history you guys had but then it may not be because it has been a year. What do u mean you blew it big time? did you just not persue her by asking her out or?

    • When I asked her out she said yeah sure when, and I said whenever you want. I tired chasing her after and I messed so many opportunities to ask her out or to do something

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    • Thanks :)

    • your welcome, hope it works out for you! :)

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