How do I stop obsessing with him?

I have a hard time to stop obsessing with men i date when it doesn't work out, i dont do anything crazy, not at all but i need to stalk them, it becomes something i have to do and i know i can stop but i dont stop.

Like i check their fcb page everyday and see if they have new friends, i stalk..

and i just want to let go and leave it and move on..

this guy i dated we decided to be friends because he wasn't looking for anything serious at the moment and he doesn't live in my town so things were a bit complicated and hectical for him, but i feel the need to stalk and be obsessed and i just want to let it go..


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  • That's just going to come down to willpower if you want to stop. Maybe try finding some hobbies or something to preoccupy your time more. And obviously finding a boyfriend will solve the problem.

  • Most of us do that, I left my ex a month ago and check her FB page all the time,, funny thing is I actually hate her with a passion and never would want her back!
    I also hope she finds someone else quickly so I can stop worrying about her going spako and trying cause troubleyet i still get curious and look at her FB I don't know why! :)


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