How would you start a conversation with a woman that mentions the following:?

Interests:Fashion, Tv series, Education,
Psychology, Natural medicine And veganism

I love philosophy, the arts, and meditation. I believe in emotional growth and following your dreams.
Working on my bachelors.
Lover of NYC
I love all kinds of music, indian, reggae tone, pop, hip hop, r &b, rock...
She mentioned she has a cat which I had at one point.
She has a picture of herself next to two drinks that make me thirsty but i don't know what they are.

What I described was the woman's online dating profile.


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  • How big of a cat person is she? Cat people love talking about their cats. Honestly, so do i...cats are just interesting animals. The animal with the worst sense of humor at the same time the funniest. Second only to maybe a beaver and/or dairy cow.

    What TV series? that should help alot'. We all have "guilty" TV pleasures. What we watch is almost how we have unique penmanship. You know, How some peoples "n" look like a weird "v" for example.


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  • Talk about sth which you are comfortable with. Sth you can talk, not pretend. But not too serious, make it fun :)

  • Ask her what the drinks are in the pic start small and then move up from there


What Guys Said 1

  • The single most important and exciting thing for 2 people to talk about is each other. Not stuff. You need to ask her about herself to figure out if she is what you want and you need to answer her questions. Anything else is fluff. Think of it as an interview.