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a guy disappeared on me after saying he doesn't know what he wants, and he felt it wasn't fair to hold me back...i adressed his concerns positively, saying that i wasn't ina hurry and wanted to give us a try. he hasn't replied since, its over 3 weeks now..hes just quiet...hes on my bbm, but doesn't say a word...if he's not interested or thinks im not the one for him, why doesn't he just delete me..i told him he could and it would be kwl... does he think im a good option & is planning on cumin back? or not? what do i take from this...its lyk he's left, but is still there...is he gone for good or not? also we only met once but chatted for 2 months before we met...help me with serious answers please

  • how often do guys that disappear, reappear after a while?
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  • Don't sound like your gonna hear from him tbh sorry :(


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  • Don't waste time. Date other guys. He probably just forgot to delete you.


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