Is he still interested or being just nice?

I went out with this guy and it was our second date but there were some awkward moment where we didn't talk. I was a bit nervous and my mind kept coming up blank even though I did want to say something. He texted me the next day but that was after I told him to text me telling me how something went. Then he din't text for the next 2 days until I texted him. He did respond back.
But I am just so confused as to whether he is losing interest. The first date went great and then the second wasn't as great. Please help me figure this out?
If he wasn't interested would he text me at all?

Please help? I just need to know whether to forget and move on?
Also we had great conversations over text and flirted over texts but it seemed different when we went on our second date. There was one moment where I thought he would kiss me and then at the end of our date he did hug me.


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  • I'll take a stab at it. Perhaps you answered your own question. I think he was nervous because he probably knew that you want him to kiss you or with each passing date, there's more pressure for him to kiss you. I think that's his problem. Perhaps you could try kissing him to remove the pressure?

    • well he knows that I have never been kissed. But I don't think it's not kissing that is the problem. I just hope I am not making him lose interest, plus we do have many things in common so I don't understand. I just wish that I could get some sort of definite sign that he is or isn't interested.

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    • ya that hasn't happened yet. But if he isn't interested and is still texting me I wish he would just tell me so I don't have to keep playing this guessing game.

    • If it's enough of wanting to know on your part, you can either ask him or you can tell him your feelings and see what he says. Unless you're content with guessing.

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