Best friend and I had sex again tonight! What is going on?

So this has got to be the coolest most amazing, rare, but confusing relationship I have ever had. I have this best guy friend , and literally he is my best friend.. We started having sex like 6 mos after we started being good friends , and I'm talking hanging out and doing everything together... Nothing was physical before.. But now that we have sex we have continued out friendship, and it's even
Better ! It's no awkward , and sometimes we go a while without even having sex. But tonight we had really really great sex, and I just don't know how this is going to end. One of us is going to end up dating
Someone else, and then one of us is going to get hurt, there's no doubt we pretty much love eachother... But we can't go for the next step cause we are so worried about our friendship. It's like the movie Harry met Sally. This is never going to work! It works for now cause we are both single. We really do care for eachother a lot. And it's honestly not about sex... But it's so passionate , I feel like in the end we are just going to get just by eachother. If he got with another girl
I wouldn't know what to do! What should I do about this?


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  • follow you heart and mind


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  • lol this is sooooooooooooooooo stupid
    can't date because you are worried about your friendship, but lets casually fuck without any regard to our actual emotions till one of us starts dating someone else and we CRUSH our so called best friend.

    get over it. take a risk. if its meant to be itll be. if its as strong a friendship as you say itll survive anything...

    • Thanks for that. Your probably right. I like your honesty.

    • your welcome :)

      your bf/husband/partner whatever, should be your best friend.

      i think its better when a best friend becomes a lover, rather than taking the chance and hoping that a lover can become a best friend.

  • So you have a friends with benefits thing going on. I had two of them years ago.They both went on to date others then married. I am still friends with both of them.
    Of course I miss being with them, but realize that dating doesn't last forever, but friendship can.I would rather still be friends with them than not to see them.It is better to start off as friends, then become lovers.Like you found out, it can get better as you go along because friends respect each other and it is easier to get along, instead of just being a slam piece.Enjoy each other as long as you can.If your friend finds another, don't be bitter, be glad for your friend.

  • you two are best friends from I just read is that you two are in love and love is blind at times. go with the flow who knows what you two have now might lead to marriage. with that being said I say you two are in a commited realationship and don't even know it but still follow your heart and your soul

    • That was really awesome what you just said. Sometimes I feel that way too. That we know we wouldn't hurt eachother, and that we are in some sort of commited relationship , and we don't know it. Thanks for your words.

    • your very very welcome

  • You allowed yourself in a stupid situation like this.

    • To answer your question... Nothing is going on. He's going about what men do when they need the satisfaction

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