Have you ever dumped a boyfriend/girlfriend to be with someone else?

Have you ever left a boyfriend/girlfriend to be with a specific person? Did it work out? What's the story?

If not, do you think it could ever happen?


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  • I never have...because:

    1) looks don't immediately sway me (personality matters more than looks)

    2) I don't allow self to become emotionally attached to other women outside of my relationship


    To make it mathematical:

    [looks don't sway me by themselves]


    [avoiding getting emotionally close to other women]


    unable to "jump ship" from one female immediately to the other


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  • No I have not. No I would not.


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  • I have, and him and I are happy together. The story is, is that, when we were walking from lunch I heard him talking to his friend about his band, so I jumped in, seeing as I'm a singer. We hit it off immediately. We became best friends. But there was something that I felt, more that I had for my ex. Love. My ex constantly verbally abused me and degraded me. And my current helped me get enough courage to leave the dickhead. Me and my current are engaged now, and very happy. Although he's younger by 1 1/2 years. :-)

  • no.. i'm not that type of person. :)

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