I like you but... don't want to ruin our friendship?

So about a little over a month ago, I asked a guy friend of mine if he liked me as a friend or more. He responded with just a friend. So I said that's fine and dropped it. Fast forward to a couple days ago, he hung out with me at my work for 2 1/2 hours. Once I left he texted me and said he wanted to talk about something. He said he wanted to talk about the liking him situation and that he did like me. He doesn't want to ruin our friendship or take a risk or for things to end up awkward. I told him I didn't think that it would ruin anything and that I was fine either way. I told him he could take some time and think about it and let me know. He said he would. He has had some crummy past relationships. We have been talking since and he did visit me at work today and he seemed normal since we hadn't seen each other in person since he told me. Is he just scared? Or does he really not like me? Should I wait for him to make up his mind or just let it go?


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  • He likes you yes but he really doesn't want the friendship to be ruined which could happen. He doesn't want to talk about it in person bc he doesn't want to hurt you, don't lose the friendship by letting him go. That's what he wanted to avoid in the first place things from getting awkward and if you back off he's going to know it was bc of that.