Does he really want to be with me or just doesn't want me dating?

Soo me and my ex had a baby we were together off and on for 3 years im 27 he's 25 we fell in love fast at the beginning but he ended up cheating on me i forgave him but it was hard to trust him again we fought a lot and just couldnt get it right. We broke up and both dated other people well we came back together kinda he didn't want to be in a relationship but we didn't talk to anybody else it was going pretty well taking it slow and having fun then i ended up pregnant which change everything he started hurting my feelings for no reason and finally i asked him where is this going well he said we were better off as friends and i was done after that had nothing to do with him for 5 month until i had my daughter he was there for her birth and even stayed an extra day with me. We started to be cordial talking about our daughter but then he started texting me about things that didn't concern our daughter like little jokes memories that weve had and being pretty nice badically. Then he asked if i wad dating anyone i told him no then said well I've actually been thinking about us getting back together. I told him that we tried that before and its never worked and he said yes i know but we have a reason now. I still told him no. Well after that convo he went from being nice to be vulgar and not nice sending sexual things like asking if i wanted a facial in a sexual way and just being a complete asshole. Finally i told him if he couldnt act like a decent human being then we should just keep lt strictly about our daughter he said its just jokes and said i was ruining his day well after that he caught word that i went on a date so he eould ask me hows your date well he knew i was going out with the girls so he started bein really nice and using thos story how he's guarded because he gets fucked over and all this that night being out with the girls he text me again hows your date is he doing this because be doesn't want me dating anyone or he really wants to be with me?


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  • I didn't understand the last part you wrote but it seems like he still likes you.

    • Well i went out with the girls and he knew about after our convo about him being guarded which im not sure why he was telling me that. That night he asked hows your date? I didn't message back so he said must have went good. He is an amazing dad ill give him that, that night he had our daughter that was my first night going out with the girls and my daughter is a month in a half so im not like a partier or anything but he assumed i was with a guy.

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    • Thats what he use to text me when we first started dating 3 years ago

    • That's really sweet of him to do so :)

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  • Girls are very complicated. In turn, guys are not. If he's being an asshole, he's an asshole; no hidden language there. Also the fact that he changed personalities so quickly just proves that he was just faking stuff.

    It's up to you in the end, just offering my opinion.

    • And thanks for your advice

  • Do u have pubes


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