How do you lessen the chances of getting hurt?

Just wondering :) I'm going to uni shortly and I was just wondering HOW you lessen the chances of getting hurt in a relationship?

E.g. the scenario when you suspect he is cheating on you, or decides to dump you, being constantly worried that you're not good enough, 'upgrading' yourself just in case, etc.

Should you distance yourself from your girl/boyfriend for some time before being close to him/her? etc cos it would suck to have a cheating boyfriend and getting hurt. (that's my biggest concern)

I'm 18 and have always been in an all girls' school and have never dated once in my life although a few guys have asked me out. Just wondering :)

thanks a ton!


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  • Don't ignore obvious signs they're cheating or playing you.

    Beyond that, you don't. If you are half in half out, not trusting, you guarantee things won't work out.

    You need to trust in the resilience of your heart. Dont' be a fool, but accept that when (and if) relationships don't work out, it hurts, but you'll get over it, get back on your feet, and love again.


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  • By not dating is how I lesson the chance

  • You get thee to a nunnery.

  • You have to let yourself feel vulnerable and cross any of those bridges if and when they come along.

    How can you possibly get the full joy of being close to someone if you put up all these barriers?


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