Why has he Not replied to being asked out?

what does it mean when a guy won't respond to a message asking them out? my friend sent a message to one of her other friends crush saying would they go out with her, it said he's seen it but he hasn't replied? bare in mind everyone thinks she likes his friend but she likes him instead so is he surprised? confused or can't be bothered to reply? help please.


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  • Your wording is confusing me... So did your friend ask...
    1. Would her friends crush go out with HER. (Person messaging.)
    2. Would her friends crush go out with her. (Friend who has crush.)

    In scenario 1, he may not be interested.
    In scenario 2, he may not be interested, OR he doesn't think it was her business if he would go out with her or not.

    • Person messaging asked If they would go out with her friend who liked him. she sent a message for her friend to ask him out for her, if that makes a bit more sense

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    • Alright thanks, in your opinion would you prefer her to ask herself instead of one of her friends?

    • Yeah. I don't like having a go-between.

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  • Maybe he is not interested