Guys how do you act when you realize one of your female friends is starting to act like more than just a friend?

How would you act if you liked her?
If you didn't like her like that?

How would you act if you were the really shy type when it comes to dating


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  • As a guy, I don't think I'd ever notice when a girl is starting to act like more than a friend.

    Girls are the least obvious people around.

    • interesting. Im in a situation where i like a co-worker/good friend of the last 3 years. I have been acting different and wandering if he has noticed or not.

    • If he's a typical guy, no he has not.

      The biggest impediment for girls and guys communication, is that guys are practically blind, and girls simply cannot wrap their heads around how blind guys are.

      Girls think they are dropping obvious hints left right centre and all over the place.

      Guy fails to notice every single "sign".

      It's so common, it's a comedic trope. Wife comes home with new hair, new shoes or new ear-rings or something. Expects husband to notice. He doesn't, but can tell she's expecting something. So he guesses. Hilarity ensues...

      Or how about when the girl says "I want my sky-blue scarf and my mother-of-pearl-white ear rings." Where as all the guy can see and hear is "Blue" and "White". Men have like, 7 colours. Women have like 90.

      Extrapolate that level of blindness when it comes to your interactions with guys. You'll save yourself years of heart-ache, if you realise how little men see. You'll never get upset thinking he sees but doesn't care.

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