GUYS! Would you consider this a Date?

Went to dinner w/my guy friend..

-Guy goes out of his way to pick girl up at her place.
-Both talk non-stop about everything.
-Guy pays.
-Guy suggests going another place to get drinks.
-Guy ask girl what to drink and he will have the same (girly drink)
-Guy asks girl about exes.
-Guy leans close and maintains good eye-contact.

Whole thing lasted about 5 hours, do you think this was a date and maybe the guy likes her?
Thanks all!!


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  • it was a date I say go out with him again he sounds like he wants to see and be with you every chance he gets

    • Oh yeah? Out of curiosity what makes you say that? :)

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    • haha I see why your name is ledfoot ;p

    • it means I can't drive 55 or 65 plus have tickets to prove it I earned the name

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  • It definitely sounds like a date, although I don't like the part about him asking about her exes. That's irrelevant and doesn't really mean anything.

    • Do you think he was asking to see if I would break his heart down the road, esp if I was the one breaking up w/ them?

    • I don't know. All I know is when I'm at the beginning of a relationship the last thing I want to be talking about is the girl's exes.

  • He could just be a really nice guy. . .

  • No. At your age, if a guy has enough confidence to do that, he would enough confidence to say he likes you or kiss you if he wanted to.

    I think he has affection for you as a friend only.

  • Yeah, Pretty much.


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