Why do men suddenly change; especially after you become into them?

I have been talking/dating to this guy for a few months, in the beginning he came on strong (constant calls and texts). Prior to talking/dating, I made it clear that I was looking for a relationship and he said he also. We agreed to take things slow and get to know each other. However, lately (2 moths ago) until now he has be acting strange. He doesn't send me daily text like he use too; but he still calls daily. Our phone conversations now are so casual and its like he doesn't really want to be on the phone or has an excuse to get off. "Why does he still keep in call?"

I feel like we're not the same anymore... I feel like he think he has to contact me...but, if he lose interest or whatever the reasons for his actions; why would he care if I get upset if I don't hear from him?

should I ask where does he stand; so I don't waste my time falling deep for him?


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  • Because we don't have faith that a girl will like us for us, so we put on our best - possible version of ourselves as a disguise. Then we get the girl. Then we slowly show our real selves.

    This should not be a surprise to you at 45+.

    As for the other parts of your question, come on, again you should know this at your age. Men do not communicate like women. But we know women value communication. So yeah, you might get the sense we don't want to talk on the phone. But that has nothing to do with you. It's to do with our not wanting to talk on the phone. Same with texting.

    "I feel like he think he has to contact me"

    He probably does think that.

    "if he lose interest or whatever the reasons for his actions; why would he care "

    You answered your own question - he hasn't lost interest. He's just being a typical male.

    • wow, thanks much for taking the time to respond. sometimes I just feel like giving up on him though, but thanks again.

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